5 Ways to Start an Offline Clothes Business


 There are many types of businesses that are trending lately, both through online and offline businesses. One of the businesses that always has promising prospects and never dies is the clothing business.

Why does the clothing business have a wide market and tend to have a lot of enthusiasts? that is because clothes are a primary human need, wherever and whenever they need this object in their activities, besides that clothes are durable objects unlike food which can only last in a matter of days.

In modern times like today clothes have become a fashion, some people are competing to buy new, trendy clothing products to meet their fashion needs. This has become a business opportunity that is widely used by business people. how do you start a clothing business both online and offline (conventional)? here are some of the reviews. But before starting your business make sure you determine the market first, interested? please visit the official website here lcs2 reviews

1. Select product partners (product suppliers)

In doing a clothing business, you should look for clothes manufacturers that are cheap and easy to work with, besides that, who can give you a discount when you order clothes in large quantities, this is so that the opportunity for the amount of profit you can get is greater.

2. Determine the type of payment

In choosing a clothing business, you can choose whether to be a dropship or you just sell other people’s clothes then mark up the price or raise the price to a level that can give you quite a profit or you can buy clothes directly from the manufacturer in cash or pay directly.

3. determine the location of the sale

determining the location of the sale is very urgent because the selection of a sales location will determine the success or failure of your clothing business. try to choose a strategic and crowded place to sell.

4. Types of clothes to be sold

In running a clothing business, there are two options you can try, namely selling clothes that are different, such as clothes for children, adults, women, men, etc. or you can choose to sell clothes of one type / category, for example, you only focus on selling clothes for children, women, men, Muslim clothing, batik etc.

The advantage of selling clothes with many types is that buyers have many choices to buy your goods, while the advantage of selling clothes of one type / category is that your shop will be more popular with consumers as a shop that sells certain clothes.

5. determine the business strategy

In doing a clothing business, there are two types of sales strategies that can be applied. The first strategy is that you can sell clothes (pcs) at a high price so you can get high profits. The second strategy is that you can sell clothes at low prices with little profit but can make buyers like shopping at your store. which one is better?

We recommend that you choose the second strategy, namely selling clothes at low prices with little profit, the advantage is that buyers or consumers feel happy shopping at your store and will tell their colleagues / friends that if the price of clothes in your shop is very cheap, eventually there will be many who will become the customers of your shop. and finally a small profit but multiplied by the number of buyers makes your profits eventually become big.

So, those are some ways to start a conventional (offline) clothing business. then we will continue the review by discussing how to start a clothing business online.