7 easy steps to building a house with the services of a contractor

Everyone wants to be able to build a comfortable and beautiful place to live for themselves and their families. However, the process of building a house is quite complex. So, many people often do not know where to start from what kind of process they have to go through if they want to build a dream house. Therefore, it makes sense for you to build a house with the services of a contractor to realize your dream home.

Here are 7 easy steps that will be in place when you choose to build a house with the services of a contractor.

1. Determine what location, budget, and home you want

These 3 things are the first stage in building a house that you have to determine. When you are determining the budget, location, and home you want, you also have to consider the things that are a priority for you and your family.

Because your home will affect your daily activities with your family. For example, if you choose to have a large enough house at a cheaper price, the location you get will most likely be quite far from the city center.

Consider the distance from your home to places like your child’s school, your office, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

In the consultation process, you will be asked to describe in detail the house you want. From the number of rooms, the position of the room, the model of the house, the color, so make sure that you have done your research and can show reference images of the design you want to your architect.

P.S. If you find it difficult to find an architect who can produce a design that suits your wishes, you can ask your contractor for a referral. Because several contractor services also provide the services of architects, interior designers, to lighting consultants.

3. Consultation with contractor &determination of your project RAB

Once you have a picture of your homework from the architect, it’s time to consult with your contractor. In this process, the contractor will make sure your needs (budget, target house completed, etc.), explain the work process/stages of building your house, and what you need to prepare.

Your homework drawings will then be submitted to the contractor’s team to be calculated, and from there, the contractor will submit a Cost Budget Plan (RAB) of your home project.You can visit Build a house in Ratchaburi (รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี ).

4. Take care of legality needs

Once you have agreed to the RAB proposed by your contractor, it is time to make a contract agreement for your home building project to ensure that both parties are aware of each other’s responsibilities and consequences.

The next process is to take care of the IMB letter or (Building permit) which will take about 3-4 months. To take care of the IMB, make sure you have the following documents:

• Data report & analysis of soil conditions and situation

• Proof of the status of land rights or land use agreements

• Statement document that the land is not in disputed status

• Tax notice owed by earth and buildings (SPPT-UN) for the year

• IMB images, and other supporting documents

5. Your home project starts running

Once all the paperwork has been taken care of and the first progress payment has been made, your home project can be started. Your contractor will start ordering the building materials to be used, bring in artisans, and the construction process will begin to run.

6. Monitor the progress of your home

To ensure that the project runs smoothly according to the deadline, your contractor will provide you with an update on the field progress.

However, it would be better if you can take the time to come to the construction site directly every 2-3 weeks so that if something is not by the wishes, it can be immediately reported to the contractor.

7. Your dream home is ready to be occupied!

Finally, if all goes well, your dream home has been realized and ready for you to live with your beloved family. Make sure that once the construction project is complete, you do a thorough check to make sure that your home is safe, comfortable, and beautiful to live in.