Designs to Consider when Planning a Master Bathroom

Do you have plans to build a master bathroom or upgrade an existing one? The last thing you want would be to blow the budget or end up with a design that is far from what you might have thought of. Once the designer works out the best way to use the available space during the kitchen and bathroom renovations, you will have to work on the details that would make it beautiful and functional, keeping the eye on costs. Have a look at some of the designing details to consider while planning a master bathroom. 

Consider making use of the Same Colour Tiles for the Floor and Walls: Picking the same colour for tiles and floors, even if it’s different shapes, would make a small master bath feel much larger. Bathroom renovators can help you make an informed choice. If you love a stone look but are out of the budget, you can consider an affordable ceramic tile that would mimic the look and feel of stone. 

Opt for Bigger Windows: Master bathrooms are usually located on the side of the house so that you can add a window to the bathroom. The sides of homes are private spaces as they face a wall or fence. If such is the case, you can add a small window. This would not only bring greenery into the bathroom but also makes the space look and feel larger. If budget permits, you can also add a sliding door so that you can step outside and enjoy the view. 

Good Lighting is Powerful: You might have added skylights or the house might have good ventilation and lighting. However, adding lighting can be useful during cloudy days or night time. Adding lights to a compact bathroom might make it feel bigger. You can use LED strip lighting to bathe entire walls and floors with diffused light that would resemble the daylight. 

Sliding Doors for Tight Spaces: The door you might pick for the master bathroom would have a big effect. A hinged door that swings inward would take valuable floor space. A door that slides into a hidden pocket in the wall is the best option. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to fix the towel racks or other accessories to the back of the pocket door. 

Space for Accessories: May it be with any bathroom design, there would be several accessories you might require to make it functional. For example, towel racks need to be located near the vanity and shower. If the bathroom has limited wall space, you can put the accessories in other spots like the back of the door, above or around the toilet, or on the side of the vanity. If you plan to install accessories on the bathroom door, make sure to choose the style that can screw the accessories on securely. 

 Bathroom Renovators are professionals who might have handled various bathroom renovations. Seeking their help for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations can be one of the best things you could do to own your dream bathroom in style!