Have a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Here are the tips

Many people have New Year’s resolutions where one of them is losing weight, reaching the ideal weight, and the like. It’s just that, unfortunately making this one resolution run smoothly and as expected is not easy. But here are some tips that should help you stay focused on your original goal.

1. More Detailed Objectives and Targets

Instead of just having a weight loss resolution, why not try changing it to something like losing 1 kg per month for example, or the target jeans that were previously worn won’t fit so they can fit back in. Simple, but detailed, including the exercise and its targets (eg exercise in the gym 4-5 times per week).

No need to force yourself to have an excessive-resolution where the target is quite difficult to achieve later. Have a simple resolution and make sure it is adjusted to your body condition and whether your daily activities are dense or not, you can also know these condition only reading on: riverfronttimes.com.

2. Write in a Journal or Notebook

Have a journal or notebook that can be a place to record the targets and resolutions in detail. For example, write down 6 days a week doing 30 minutes of exercise each. However, go back to adjusting your physical abilities and conditions of daily activities so you don’t stress yourself out.

3. Tell Family and Friends

There is nothing wrong with sharing your resolutions with your family and friends while also asking them what resolutions they made. When we share with them, we will automatically get support where this support makes us more enthusiastic about achieving goals and in living the process.

4. Preparation Ripe

If you want to achieve all of the solutions that have been noted, make sure that the preparation is not messing about if it is simple. To lose weight, before starting it is necessary to eliminate all forms of temptation, such as unhealthy snacks that are in the cupboard, refrigerator, or dining table.

Focus on getting rid of all kinds of foods that contain high calories and various kinds of junk food that can hinder achieving resolution. The maturity of the preparation needs to be considered, such as planning any menu for a week where this preparation is done every Sunday, for example, to make the diet easier. Of course, include fresh and healthy ingredients, such as chicken breast, spinach, broccoli, other vegetables, and fruits.

5. Prepare and Plan an Award for Yourself

Prepare and plan what will be the reward for yourself at the end of achieving the resolution if successful. Like most women who will gift themselves new shoes, new clothes, or new cosmetics for example if the diet is successful, please set the desired award so that it becomes motivation in following the diet.

6. Forgive yourself when you fail

During the journey, resolving will certainly not always be smooth because there are times when we experience failure. Don’t be discouraged, let alone stop completely because of it, forgive yourself for screwing up everything, but rebuild commitment and motivation to achieve goals.

7. Find Friends for Sports

Many people feel that the level of laziness is highest when it comes to dieting, not when planning a diet, but when it comes to exercising. The sports part is the one that is most often overlooked because of boredom or laziness, so finding friends to exercise with is very important to motivate yourself and so you don’t get bored easily.

8. Install Diet and Exercise Applications

In this sophisticated era, there is nothing wrong with relying on sophisticated applications that help make diet and exercise run well and balance. Look for applications that are suitable and able to meet the need for achieving resolution. Make sure the application used is comfortable in the process of achieving resolution so that in the end it works.

Don’t hesitate when you want to make New Year’s resolutions especially those related to healthy diet tips and how to lose weight, because everything is possible if we do our best. Believe in yourself and believe in your ability to keep commitments until you resolve.