How can you get rid of moss?

Maintaining a garden is a big job, but fortunately nowadays you can buy many things that make this easier for you. For instance, you can buy lawn feed to make sure your grass stays nice and green and there are special scissors to trim your hedge. However, finding a good moss killer is something that many people struggle with. The tips below show you how you can easily remove moss without having to use all kinds of different tools.

Boiling water

The first way to ensure that the moss between your tiles disappears easily is to use boiling water. This is easily done by pouring boiling water over the moss three to six times. Always make sure that the water is given time to soak in before you pour the next load over it. Both the plant and the roots die from the boiling water, because the nutrients around the moss are burned. This, of course, will not allow anything to grow. Then go over the moss with a knife or a hard broom and the moss is gone. A big advantage of this moss killer is that it does no harm to the environment. One disadvantage is that you can also cause other plants to die if they also get boiling water over them.


A second way to remove moss between your tiles is by using salt. This not only helps against the moss between the tiles, but also for the green deposits on the tiles. This moss killer is easy to make and use yourself. Put a large amount of road salt or table salt in a watering can and add tepid water. Pour this mixture over the tiles where the moss is and let it soak in for an hour. Then go over the tiles with a knife or hard broom and you will see that the moss disappears easily.

Cleaning vinegar

A third way to get rid of moss between your tiles is by using cleaning vinegar. This may sound a bit more aggressive than boiling water or salt, but in principle it works the same. First, sweep all the tiles with a broom. Then put a mixture of one part tap water and one part cleaning vinegar in a plant spray. Spray the moss and green deposits on the tiles with the vinegar water and let it soak in. After an hour, you can easily remove the moss again with a knife or a hard broom.