How to Edit Slow Motion Videos in the Kine Master Application

This time I will make a tutorial on How to Edit Slow Motion Video in the Kine Master Video Slow Motion application is a video that is intentionally edited by changing the slower or slower motion effects of the original video, usually to clarify a certain part. For those of you who do not have a computer device to be able to edit video, you can use an android device, that is, we can use the Kine Master application as an android application to edit every video we have one of them turns the video into a slow motion video. 

In the Kine Master application, there are many features offered, in addition to being able to edit Slow Motion videos, we can also maximize the edit features available and, etc. By using the Kine Master application, we can choose the video duration part such as movement, which can be on the front, middle, end or we select on the important part. If you already have a video that has been edited such as Boomerang video or repeatedly back and forth in a certain duration section you can combine it with a slow-motion effect, so the result will be more perfect. Below is a tutorial How to Edit Slow Motion Video using Kine Master. 


  • If you don’t already have the Kine Master app, you can download it on Google Play store for free or prepaid with the plus feature. 
  • Prepare the video you want to edit into a Slow-Motion video. 
  • Open the Kine Master app and tap the plus icon and then Project Assistant. 
  • Name the video you want to edit and then press the OK button. 
  • Select the video you want to edit slow-motion you can choose several videos or just one you want to edit if you have pressed Next. 
  • Select Theme or leave the original and press Next. 
  • Create text at the beginning, middle and end or skip directly press Next. 
  • Love Background music or skip it directly press Next. 

Editing Stage 

  • Tap the part of the video that is a sequential image until the edges are yellow or an edit feature icon appears. 
  • Swipe left or right to find the beginning of the video you want to create Slow motion the target specified a vertical line with several seconds on it. 
  • If you have specified select the Scissor and Split at Play a head icon to crop part of the video. 
How to Edit Slow Motion Video In KineMaster App
  • Tap and slide again to determine the end of the video you want to create Slow Motion, don’t forget the vertical line to determine the target and see the moving video. 
  • If you have selected the Scissor and Split at Play a head icon. 
  • In this process you get 3 video pieces or you can make as many pieces as you want like split at a played step above. 
  • Select and Tap the video snippet you want to create Slow Motion. 
  • From this step you cropping or Zoom first before creating Slow Motion to make the result more maximum and interesting, namely by selecting the Box icon next to the Scissors icon and zooming with two fingers on the video section, if you have pressed Check. 
How to Edit Slow Motion Video In KineMaster App
  • Tap to the video snippet you want to edit Slow Motion and press the Clock or Speed Control icon. 
  • For the slow-motion effect, pull the cursor down and, in Fast Motion, you can pull it up. Surely to the bottom of the purpose of this article Slow-Motion, if you have press checklist. 
How to Edit Slow Motion Video In KineMaster App

The tutorial is finished, video ready to save. For more information you can visit: 

For how to save it 

Press the menu back on android and Tap or select the edited video. 

Press the image icon of the branched or Share cable. 

Select Save Video to Gallery.  

Choose the best video quality or Full HD to make the result satisfactory, just waiting until the process is complete.