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  • 02/12/2021

The preparations to protect yourself and your family members towards coronavirus are the identical steps folks should already be taking to guard against the flu. This flu season in Rhode Island there have been more than 650 flu-related hospitalizations and 11 flu-related deaths. In the previous few weeks, RIDOH’s State Health Laboratories worked to develop the capacity to perform testing for COVID-19 virus. In response to an urgent need, the State Health Laboratories expedited the ultimate Health Care steps of implementation to run the take a look at that identified this first case of COVID-19 in Rhode Island this weekend. At this time, each presumptive positive test outcome should nonetheless be confirmed by the CDC Laboratories. The CDC does not recommend that people who discover themselves well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, together with COVID-19.

A new examine shows that people who do vigorous bodily actions, …