4 Tips For Buying Your First House And Dreams!

At this productive age, you want to have a house as a place to live with your family later. Well, Kula will share tips on buying a house that you must understand, because looking for residential properties, buying and selling new homes and used houses are still being done for urban people.

Let’s talk a little about statistics, in 2020. According to the https://www.immobaron.de USA will get the most special age demographic because 90 million people in this era are among the millennial generation. For those of you who are in the age range of 20-39 years and are in their productive age and also financial backbone and need tips on buying a house.

In these tips on buying a house, I will give you a guide on how you can own your own house, and that’s no longer a dream, as long as you do it seriously.

Home Buying Tips For Millennials Who Want To Have A Dream Home The Easy Way.

The House You Want To Buy, Must Fit Your Needs

If the location of a house is more strategic and the size is large, the price will be expensive. If you have a limited budget, it’s better to choose a small house that fits your needs.

Especially for you who are not married yet, there should be no problem buying small houses, if occupied only for you first.

Three types of houses can be considered for purchase, such as houses type 21 or 36.

The contents are the same, but type 36 is equipped with an additional bedroom. Price issue? Prices are still affordable for millennials.

  • Look For down payment Fees That Can Pay

The value of a down payment (DP) for a house is currently quite large and this is one of the stumbling blocks for millennials to have a dream home. The price war competition between home developers will bring up promo prices, such as down payment in installments for a certain period.

This DP installment program will help you with limited funds, but it must be remembered that there are several things to pay attention to such as losses that will occur in the future.

The scenario in the tips for buying a house is that the purchase price of a house that is purchased will be more expensive because the amount of down payment in installments will be bigger than the DP that is not in installments. Also, you fail to complete the installments, or the KPR is not approved by the bank, so the installments that have been paid will be forfeited.

Please think about it carefully first, from a financial perspective.

  • Deposit Home

This is one of the recommended attempts to buy a house, and some people have already done it.

When you want to buy a house, you must be encouraged to save money to pay a large nominal mortgage down payment. If you find it difficult to save even though you have divided two bank accounts, it is better to open a time deposit, deposit, or maybe mutual funds.

You can also buy gold and save it for savings.

This method is classified as safe because you cannot freely use the money yourself. If you have got the right house to pay the down payment, you can simply disburse it immediately.

  • Contracted First, Used Later

Still having difficulties during your home installments, try contracting it out first to someone else. So you don’t live directly. While collecting money to cover the down payment of the house.

This method does require extra patience but isn’t it a genius move if the house that you want turns out to generate circulation of money, especially if it gets more than the cost of leasing the contract.

  • You Must Ensure That Your Home Certificate Is Legal.

For tips on buying a house on this one, you must be vigilant because there are many cases of fraud under the guise of selling cheap houses, which only cost hundreds of millions of dollars. This incident makes us worry and often discourage buying a house.

You must dig deeper whether the home developer has legal certificates and permits, so you can avoid fraud cases. Don’t forget to ask if the developer’s track record in the property world has had a problem or not.

Those were four tips for buying a house that must you try.