We often don’t think about plumbing services until a problem strikes. Plumbing services are essential for residents and property owners. You do not need to wait until the water bill escalates. Plumbers in Newcastle under Lyme are available 24/7 to help you with plumbing emergencies.

Do you know when a clogged toilet is out of order? Do you know when to call a plumber because your DIY skills hit the rock?

Here are the top warning signs that you need to call a plumber.

Offensive odour in the house

Have you ever opened the door to a room only to receive an odd smell that refuses to go despite opening the windows? The sewage-like stench is offensive and a source of bigger problems in the house. Call a plumber, or the sewage water could back up in your shower before you know it.

  • Water backing up in systems

A toilet with water flow problems refuses to flush during normal use. Water backing up in the toilet is a severe problem. Your DIY skills may get the water flowing but fail during the next use. Sometimes, you may run a tap in the kitchen and encounter water gushing out into the laundry. You may also flush one toilet and another backup. Subsequent water backup in the sewage system is a red flag of blockage of the pipes or the main sewer line.

  • Slow drain

Don’t ignore slow water drains in your sinks, toilet bowls or drain pipes.  Typically, flushing plenty of water in the laundry or the bathroom can take a while before clearing in the system. However, slow drain or low pressure can inconvenience you when ignored. Low pressure is a sign that a bigger problem lies in the outside pipes. Slow drain in the kitchen can go away by using a plunger and splashing hot soapy water down the drain.

  • Bursting pipes

Several factors can cause your water pipes to burst. The common reasons for bursting pipes include;

  • Old, tired pipes
  • External pressure from the roots of trees, the weight of frozen ice
  • Clogs inside the pipes exert pressure on the pipe
  • Misplaced or misaligned pipes during the initial laying of pipes

A bursting water pipe is wasteful and escalates energy bills. Consequently, turn off the water from the main valve and call emergency plumbers near you.

  • Frozen pipes with water

Frozen water pipes is a common problem during winter. The low temperatures freeze the water in the pipes and prevent water from flowing in the pipes. The signs for frozen water pipes include:

  • Visible frost on the pipes inside the house
  • Very low temperatures recorded by the meteorological department
  • Water comes out in drips or trickle

A plumber uses special equipment to thaw the water to restore proper flow. Calling a plumber in time prevents severe problems that may be more expensive.


Plumbing services are essential residential services. DIY skills can help to sort minor problems. However, a professional plumber accurately diagnoses the cause of the problem and fixes it. Warning signs are excellent factors to help you reach out to plumbing services in time.n