Modern day businesses are completely different from the old days and how the businesses were carried out then. You have to take new and innovative measures to tackle the new situations. In olden days the number of businesses was less but now there is a huge development in the area and this requires enormous areas of office space. The price of the rentals and real estate is skyrocketing and you will have to cope up with this new trend and innovative strategies are to be developed for the crunch in office space. One such development is the sharing of office space by more than one company and makes it work with the space crunch. This has several advantages and the most important is to reduce expenses for rented space. When you share the area the rental cost goes down by 50 per cent and even less when three companies share it and so on. At coworking space Indonesia, you will find the strategy to be working so well and also the businesses are doing quite well and the new idea improves the level of motivation and also develops a healthy competition in the companies to perform better.

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Huge savings:

  • When you work in a shared space there are several benefits that you can achieve starting with the savings that you can make from the enormous amounts of money that goes into the rental for a single company.
  • The shared office space also gives you opportunities to hire the space for occasions and also for meeting halls.
  • The interactions between the different people from different backgrounds will offer so much of shared ideas. These are the benefits which are non monetary as well.
  • It would be very encouraging for the beginners in the field to know the big names in the membership list such as drop box, Allianz, Volvo, Electrolux and many more.
  • If you are interested in the venture you can simply send a mail to them using the format that is provided on the webpage and they will get in touch with you.
  • They also have the newsletter which you can receive regularly from them if you sign up with them.
  • The shared meeting rooms and other spaces at the coworking spaceIndonesia would be a great opportunity to have a great vision for the future.