Dividing assets can get ugly in a divorce case. Apart from the mud throwing at each other, an improper asset division can hamper you financially. To top that, if you own high assets, you need to be extra careful. Any divorce lawyer will not work in these cases; you need to have an Ohio high asset divorce attorney by your side. 

High asset means having a huge amount of property. So there is more at stake, and these cases will serve more complications on your plate. But do not get a headache if you have a good high-asset divorce attorney by your side. 

Whilst fighting your divorce case, your lawyer will determine how much property you have. After that, they will decide on what assets need to be divided. Later they will determine how to present your case so that you get the maximum benefit when your property is divided. 

Here are some common mistakes that people make in a high asset property division:

  • The assets that you obtain after your marriage are considered marital property. A high-asset divorce lawyer will guide you through all these mistakes. 
  • People often hide information about finance and assets from their spouses. They often transfer money to their side of family members so that their spouse can not know about it. If you are caught doing so, your impression will be ruined in front of the judge. 
  • People do not want to get stuck with divorce cases for very long and give up assets their spouse is not willing to share. But this is a mistake as it can cost you in the future. 
  • You need to hire an attorney who has expertise in dealing with high assets cases. If a divorce lawyer with a very good reputation in dealing with child custody cases, it might be possible that they do not have experience in dealing with high asset cases. Get your research done clearly, and then hire someone. 


When you are dealing with a high-asset divorce case, you need to have a lawyer who has knowledge and expertise in financial dealings. High-asset divorce cases are complex, and that is why you can not deal with any kind of lawyer or any family law attorney. Get a prenuptial agreement done if you are thinking about getting married and have substantially huge assets. A high-asset attorney can also help you in drafting such an agreement.