When you think of shipping containers, you will probably think of large container ships crossing the ocean, containing products like furniture or technical appliances. Harbours and ports are filled with seemingly endless stacks of containers, and it is never clear to a random bystander what they contain, where they are going and if they ever actually leave the port. However, these days there’s a lot more to be done with shipping containers than just using them to transport products across the sea. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should buy a used shipping container.

A used container is environmentally friendly

First of all: why should you buy a used container and not a new one? Won’t a used container be full of rust and fishy smells? The short answer is: no, it will not. If you buy a used container through a certified business, you are sure to get a good quality container for a good price. A lot of containers, like many other products in the world, are discarded long before their use has run out. They can be reused for different purposes for a long time. Aside from this, choosing a used shipping container means choosing for a smaller carbon footprint and less CO2-emmissions. This makes the choice for a second hand container a lot more eco-friendly.

Many options with a shipping container

You can use an old shipping container for storage, but there is much more to be done with a 40 ft container. You can use a container to create a business like a restaurant or a pop-up shop. Maybe you’re looking for an easy way to create an at-home office. Containers come in handy at festivals and other large events, as with a little plumbing they can be used as rest rooms. They also come in handy in times of crisis or emergency. An emergency hospital is easily created in an old shipping container. Containers can also be stacked to create easy housing for refugees and students. Because they are all the same shape and size, you can use several containers to create larger structures.

A used container is a lot cheaper

Of course, whatever you plan to do with a container – or several containers – it will require some investment. This is another reason you should go for a used container. The prices for second hand containers are usually a lot lower than for new containers. For instance, prices for a 20 ft standard container start around 1.500 dollars. A small investment in your future plans. What will you be using a shipping container for?