Even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to look luxurious and inviting, but it does require a certain degree of planning and a lot of attention to detail.

If your bathroom is on the bijoux side, and you want to transform it into a bigger looking, more attractive (but still functional) room, here are some tips designers commonly use for creating stunning bathrooms in the smallest of spaces:

  • Less may well be more

For any smaller space, bathroom or otherwise, crowding it with furniture and accessories will only ever serve to make it feel smaller and cramped. Think about choosing sleek fixtures and minimizing everything else so that you still have the essentials, but aren’t tripping over items of furniture when stepping out of the shower, for example. Space is more important than decorative chairs and sculptures, so focus on the concept of less being more.

  • Utilise clever storage options

Nowadays, there are so many designs that incorporate clever storage, and in the bathroom, vanities are perfect for giving you a great space to stash away bottles and hairbrushes, without taking up extra space that you likely don’t have! Often, modern vanities have sinks integrated, too, and some are even combined with a toilet that also conceals the cistern and pipes for an even more sleek, uncluttered effect.

  • Select a light and bright colour scheme

Nothing says small, dingy and cramped like dark colours in a bathroom. So to make your bathroom scream space, choose lighter shades for the walls, floor and ceiling. They don’t necessarily have to be neutral colours, although these are favoured by many homeowners due to their versatility, but they must be light and bright.

  • Opt for ultra-modern toilets, sinks and storage

A counter-top sink and a ‘floating’ wall hung toilet are just two great space saving design examples for any small bathroom, and still give you what you need, while looking modern and stylish, without overpowering the space. If you need a medicine cabinet, for example, always go for wall mounted, as you should with any type of storage in a smaller area in which floor space is at a premium.

  • Feel free to accessorize, but within reason!

It can be easy to get carried away when filling a space with accessories that you either think you need, or which reflect a bit of your personality. However, bathroom designers in Durham suggest that while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to inject some personality into a space, you should take care not to add too many touches that constitute as clutter. Perhaps a couple of strategically placed candles, a piece of artwork on the wall or a pot plant will be enough to give the bathroom a bit of style, without being overwhelming for the senses. 

  • Think strategic mirror placement

Mirrors are a fantastically attractive tool for helping to create the illusion of space in a small room such as a bathroom, and if you have a window in your small bathroom, they can bounce light around from wall to wall, further adding to the illusion of light and space. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, why not hang a large, decorative mirror on the back of the door to save wall space. You could even choose mirrored cabinets to create even more light in the room and add to the illusion of space.

Bijoux bathrooms don’t have to be boring or bland, and with the right design tips and tricks, you can even make them appear bigger than they really are.